Bitcoin payment is available now!

1.      First you'll need to choose the product and add it to shopping cart, after that you can proceed to checkout.


2.      Check your shopping cart, add your name and shipping address and after choose payment option. In the payment options you need to choose «Pay by bitcoin».


     3.      Add all the necessary customer information and click on «Confirm and pay» button. After that you will get your own order number. To pay by bitcoin click on link «pay and place order».


   4.     After that procedure you will get your total payable invoice and also requisites for payment by bitcoins. Bitcoin exchange rate is relevant for the current day. For the payment you can:

Scan the QR Code or Copy the payment URL from the invoice.


5.      After the payment, please contact our managers and notify that you paid your invoice. 

9 April 2019


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